by Kirsten Dunlaevy

STOP Cyberbullying

Bullying has followed children online. Was your child one of them? With few teens actually talking to their parents about incidents of cyberbullying involving them or occurring at their school, it’s hard to know. What can you do as a parent?

by Kirsten Dunlaevy

The New Cheating... Have You Talked To Your Kids About It?

According to Common Sense Media’s new study, more than a 1/3 of teens have used a mobile phone to cheat in school, at least once, and as more and more children begin to get mobile phones at younger ages, this is obviously a serious issue that deserves immediate attention. At BullGuard we feel the responsibility to educate youngsters on how to be...

by Emma Ban

How To Stop Nagging Your Kid

Do you want your kid to spend more time doing homework when he’s at the computer? And less time playing games, chatting with friends or strangers, downloading music, streaming movies and exploring the web for fun content to share? Keep him in check with BullGuard's Parental Control. Here's how...

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