by Steve Bell

The ‘dark art’ of malware creation

Computer programming languages are absolutely fundamental, building blocks in the world of technology, whether it’s smartphones, traffic lights or an automated hospital MRI scanner.

by Steve Bell

Why do hackers target WordPress sites?

Early last year an estimated 1.5 million WordPress sites were defaced as hackers exploited an unpatched vulnerability. One analysis carried out several years ago estimated that up to 70 percent of WordPress sites were vulnerable to hacking. Last summer approximately 300,000 WordPress sites that used a WP Statistics plug in were discovered to be ...

by Steve Bell

How long does it take for a virus to infect a computer?

In general terms a computer virus typically refers to all sorts of malware, whether it’s actually a virus that self-replicates, ransomware that freezes files, Trojans that sniff out personal information or spyware that spies on your computer usage. However, the length of time it takes for a virus to infect a computer really depends on what it wa...

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